1. Bigriver

    For Sale  Arlington TN - 1975 FJ40

    Selling my 75 FJ40. I put her out on ebay, someone needs to finish her up. 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay
  2. M

    For Sale  Austin, TX/Toyota/FJ40/1975

    Asking for $23K, reasonable offers considered. I've had this truck for 15 years. It's got slightly more than 50K original miles on the engine. Since acquiring it, I've added disc brakes (the original drums just didn't grip) as well as power steering (so my wife could drive it - not that she...
  3. F

    Universal FJ40 Turn Signal Switch?

    Is there a universal GM Column turn Signal switch that replaces the Toyota Turn Signal switch? I’m in the middle of replacing my wiring harness with a universal wiring harness that i purchased from Spectra Off-road. It’s similar to the Painless wiring harness. Based on everyone’s posts in the...
  4. J

    For Sale  1975 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER HJ45 DIESEL.. $30,000

    hi there selling my 1975 toyota landcruiser hj45 diesel.. 1975 toyota landcruiser HJ45 Diesel pickup. Similar to the FJ45 in style but with the diesel engine. All original "H" diesel engine matted "H41" resoration done yrs ago, runs strong. 4 speed manual transmission with granny first gear. the...
  5. planyourday

    For Sale  1975 FJ40

    This is mine. If Mud members want to see more photos of engine, body, underside - let me know and I will post them. 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser Thanks, Scott P.S. My phone number is on the ad.
  6. mags

    Muffler exploded plus sweet backfiring problem 1975 2F

    Today I was driving back to work from lunch and heard a weird noise like squeaking of brakes, but I wasn't breaking. This was shortly followed by a very loud bang (backfire) and I immediately pulled over. The engine was still running just fine and when I let off the clutch it had power but now...
  7. 4

    For Sale  1975 misc chassis parts

  8. 4

    For Sale  1975 misc chassis parts

    1975 FJ40 chassis parts, center arm $40, steering box $100 (very tight) , winch bumper $30, 4 OEM springs nice shape $100, taillight gaurds $20 pr, 1st exhaust pipe after manifold $90 , 2nd pipe solid but dented $10 , ubolts and plates $50 , propeller shafts $50 each
  9. 5

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 Tire Carrier and Original Cluster

    I have a tire carrier in excellent condition, no rust. $150. Also have the original instrument cluster, reading 27,7XX miles. $200. Located in the SF Bay Area for pickup only.
  10. 5

    1975 FJ40 Tire Carrier & Original Instument Cluster for sale

    I have a tire carrier in excellent condition, no rust. $150. Also have the original instrument cluster, reading 27,7XX miles. $200. Located in the SF Bay Area for pickup only. Feel free to make me a reasonable offer.
  11. 75Toyguy

    Wanted  Jump Seat Needed, 1975 FJ40

    Looking for rear jump seat for a 1975 FJ40, I believe it would be a short seat to be used with a roll bar. complete seat or frame only, only need one but I would buy a pair if necessary. Ludington Michigan
  12. billstoudt

    1975 350 Swap Thread.

    I finally took the plunge and i am now past the point of no return. After 3 years of planning and 2 years of talking about it. i finally made took my first big step towards my swap. i thought starting my own thread would be a good way document my progress. it feels so wrong to pull a...
  13. 4

    For Sale  1975 gas tank cover

    I have for sale a rust free 1975 gas tank cover $75 plus the ride 2 available
  14. 4

    For Sale  1975 Trans and tcase 4 speed

    I have for sale a 1975 4 speed trans and t case nice condition $400SOLD ebrake assembly with cable $100
  15. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 front heater with defroster hoses

    heater box is good but it's missing some parts. Comes with a heater core of unknown quality, I never had water in it so do not know if it leaks. Vent tubes are in ok, but not great shape. $50 plus the ride for all.
  16. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 mirrors

    Rustic but completely functional side mirrors and rear view mirror. All glass is good. $50 for all three plus the ride.
  17. Rossenguzman

    For Sale  1975 Toyota HJ 45 in Saint Paul MN

    $25,000. Long bed, Rebuilt Original Engine, missing turbo but everything else stock original. Title in hand, Located in Saint Paul Minnesota.
  18. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 bucket seats (OR)

    compete pair of buckets available. Everything is here but they certainly could use some TLC. would prefer not shipping these due to weight. Located in Portland, Oregon. $200 for the pair.
  19. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 factory roll bar (OR)

    Factory roll bar for '75 Fj40. Very solid, could use sandblasting and paint to look perfect. This will be tough to ship but if I'm willing if you want me to. $175 plus shipping from 97070.
  20. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 spare tire carrier

    Complete with brackets - $100 plus freight from 97070.
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