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    Thinking of buying a 60???

    Here are two more pix. It has Lojack and Alpine stereo system with DVD player, XM Radio and much more.
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    Thinking of buying a 60???

    I have an 87 FJ60 I'm thinking of selling. It's restored and worked on by Jim Dickey (Gardena, CA). Rebuilt engine, rear disk brakes, brand new 5 speed, clutch, brake, paint, seats and much more. What's the going price for 87 FJ60's? I have all the receipts for all the parts. It has about 215...
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    Expected MPG on FJ60 w/ 5 speed, other addons?

    I just picked up my 87 FJ60 from Jim Dickey down in Gardena, CA. Before dropping it off with Jim I had the engine rebuilt, had the carb rebuilt by Jim C., new wires, new H55, new radiator and hoses. Plus a few more things. Jim Dickey tuned my engine, idle and carb and a few more things that...
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    High Mileage Record

    Had 210, 000 on mine before I had the engine rebuilt. I hope I get another 200 with the rebuild.
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    FJ60 center console ,any aftermarket Ideas

    Bought my Tuffy box and love it from Cool Cruisers. It's worth the $$$. I highly recommend it.
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    cruiser security

    Since I had my 98 Tacoma stolen in front of my place :censor: earlier this year. Lojack and ignition kill. Backed up by a Sig 9mm and Springfield 45.
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    gas mileage for a 60/62??

    I had my FJ60 engine rebuilt about 2 1/2 months ago. Had my carb rebuilt by Jim C and installed a new H55 tranny . I'm sad to say that the most I've gotten is around 12 to 13 mi per gallon going an average 60 to 65 mph on freeways when there's no traffic that is :-(. Running on 16 x 8 wheels...
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    87 FJ60 rear sway bar

    Mmmm! I may check out the Man-A-Free. Thanks. I'll keep you in mind.
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    87 FJ60 rear sway bar

    Dyno, No. I've learned to live with it for now. It seems to be within normal range 1/2 or lightly under 3/4 for most of the time. Occasionally it would freak out and go up to red. I'm going to visit Jim Dickey in Gardena as soon as my 67 Mustang is completely restored hopefully in the next...
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    87 FJ60 rear sway bar

    Thanks but I think the 60 and 62 are different.
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    Rims/Tires again for a FJ60

    Toad, I love my wheels. So to give it a slightly different look I tinted my windows dark and repainted the entire truck. Having the nerf bars helps.
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    87 FJ60 rear sway bar

    Can anyone help me find a sway bar for my 87 fj60. I've searched around without any luck. What are my options? Thanks.
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    First time out with the FJ60

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. Nice pix.
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    Carb Rebuild

    Jim did a great job with my carb.
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    5speed FJ60?

    70 on the fwy @ 2300 rpm 5th gear. Not on stock wheels (18 x8) H55.
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