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    2021 4x4 Labs group buy info. (March 15-30)

    CO Crew- I'm located in Evergreen, CO - plan was to pick these up on a trailer in the next 2 weeks - in a quick roundtrip mission with the HDJ81.
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    2021 4x4 Labs group buy info. (March 15-30)

    I’d be keen for a front bumper (full protection around lights if possible) as well can also pickup for the Colorado folks. Potentially a rear with single swing out and tire carrier
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    Dissent Front Bumper Group Buy

    @benc & @Road Apple put me down for an aluminum full bumper for an HDJ81
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    Toyota Diesel Preformance, Steep Passes Like Vail

    I have a 1989 HJ61 with a 12HT - Custom intercooler, 3" straight pipe, Hallman manual boost controller turned to 13psi, Fuel turned up, and a h55. I've been up every major mountain pass in the state and have driven 150k miles in the truck since i picked it up 4 years ago. Initially I had the...
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    Builds The great Stoffel (HJ61 build)

    You gonna be around SLC next week? Lets link up for a beer and a casual HJ61 gathering! Cheers!
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    Custom HZJ79 from parts, built in the US!

    @yooper If you'd like to sell it I'd be a buyer. Lets work something out.
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    40-55-60-70-80-100 & 200 Roof Racks and Mounts

    J, Can I order a few standard 60 mounting feet & a few high(hj61) mounts as well? Or are these packed up already?
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    Builds Poppy- '84 FJ60

    I cannot stress enough how amazing it would have been to even have a shop/machine/tooling class in high school would have been. Mentorships by yourself & others are what this country was built on. I was lucky to figure this out after several failed attempts of work(overwork) abuse for no...
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    Still have any 60 sliders kicking around?
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    12ht realtime help

    The part # on the part is correct. Not the box! I will eventually buy this steel one for the summer: Heavy Duty Monark Ultimate Hand Primer Pump | Product | You want to tell a parts store it is for a Mercedes - 240D 300D 300SD 300TD 300CD 1977 to 1985 (except 190D 2.2) and...
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    12ht realtime help

    This little sucker was a pain to find but here she is! Dan saved my butt on this one!!! Had to hunt around the Denver metro area for a bit to find one. Popped the new primer on and WAM! Worked like a charm!
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    12ht realtime help

    BACK ON THE ROAD! Thanks Mud! __________________ Just fueled up the HJ61 at a local station. Pulled out literally 50 ft later and the truck stalled. Tried to restart and the engine was stumbling and really really roughly idling. Then stall again. Tried restarting it and no go. I have a...
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    J, What is the tube gas can rack weighing at?
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    For Sale 1996 HZJ75 Troopy LHD

    Chris, @beno , or @cruiserdan Are the wheels on this truck available stateside? Would love to put a pair on my HJ61 Beautiful looking truck! GLWS!
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    For Sale 16" FJ Cruiser Alu Wheels - Colorado

    Fixed thanks @d0nkeyxpunch
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