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    Bosal vs. decide.

    Thanks for the pics. My next exhaust system will be the magnaflow.
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    Brake Upgrade=Downgrade....

    Sounds like the rotors are glazed. Have the rotors turned or get new rotors. Lightly file the pads or go new and re-bed. If you never opened the system and all was good prior to the new pads then I bet there is no air in the system.
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    Brake Upgrade=Downgrade....

    Did you have the discs resurfaced prior to bedding in the new pads?
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    Doing what I thought was the unthinkable.. selling the LC

    Don't sell the 80. You will regret it. I have a prius and 80 combo too. The combo sorta works. The prius is slow, loud, and scrapes most speed bumps, but gives outstanding mpg. The 80 is just about the exact opposite aside from being slow. You have 3 kids, price any new 4x4 suv with...
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    80 series HG job in the near future

    Depending on the weekend, I am game too. Give me a heads up. Interested in the supercharger's final result.
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    No more frame oiling allowed in NH?

    I have used Sears in Newington for years with a low lifted truck and never had an issue. The fee is expensive but never had any b.s. with them. Also have used VIP in Portsmouth on a 85 solid axle lifted xcab few years ago. They gave me crap for rust on the bed. Cut the bed off and bobed...
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    help me decide on a roof rack

    I have a 17.5 foot square stern aluminum canoe on the cruiser as we speak. Been using it all summer with the family. I currently use two single bar contractor ladder racks. They were inexpensive, easy to install and (mounts to the rain rail) and holds plenty of weight if needed. When...
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    Events/Trails DIY Turbo V1.0, Boosted 80 = Happiness

    Looks like a STS turbo setup. Seems like a reasonable idea after protection for the intercooler is added and the intake is moved up about 3+ feet. Nice work on an inexpensive turbo build.
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    $800.00 to Install Bosal Exhaust...

    At best the manifolds used from a recycler are worth $100 each. They are not worth sending to the machine shop. Has the shop removed the manifolds from the head? I would ask for a written estimate.
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    Landtank MAF.

    I guess I am not clear on this. Rick gives me no money and I have no advantage in making him money. I don't sell this product either or speak for him. I still have yet to see any timing datalog on your truck stock vs housing from your posts. At this point, I have no interest in reviewing...
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    Landtank MAF.

    Thanks for posting the pics and info on the parts. Was the AFR at the tailpipe for the first two runs of 14.7 checked or was that a default value? It looks like the AFR on the first two runs is 14.7 though out. I really don't think this is correct maybe it was a default value? The third run...
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    Landtank MAF.

    Happy to hear that there is some ObdII data. What was the ltft value prior to open loop? Are you using an OEM O2 sensors? I don't think anything is going to be improved but I am interested in looking a the data. Thanks
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    Landtank MAF.

    Thanks for spending the coin. Any data logging from the obdII port during the run?
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    Landtank MAF.

    That is learning is the the LTFT adjusting to the new housing and sensor in closed loop. LTFT is used to calc the fuel in open loop. That is what I recall from about 5 years ago.
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    Landtank MAF.

    My bet is that the truck is at about 3750 rpm in open loop and dumping fuel like mad, not pulling timing unless you have acutal number data. MPH is useless, rpm are the correct value to plot as you pointed out. Have them check the stoch. at the tailpipe. My bet is that you are around 10.4:1...
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