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I’m looking for a 70 series. Ideally long wheel base 75 or 77 with a 1hz but open to bj75. Might entertain the right 73 also. Little rust and original paint preferred. RHD or LHD. $22,000 is my limit. Let me know if you have something that fits. Thanks!
Hello all, had a few questions about this beauty of a vehicle here, so hopefully someone can chime in with some insight 😁 Recently listed for sale in my area is this super cool 1PZJ77 for $17000, ~125k miles. I went to go check it out in person as I am considering buying and had a few concerns so hopefully you guys can help me out! First, I inspected the underside and noticed quite a bit of rust on the frame and the chassis. I didn't take pictures, but various smallish spots where rusting was already beginning to eat through the steel. I noticed in some areas it was already beginning to chip as well. Small rust patches on the body near the rear wheel on the driver's side as well. Next, I noticed some fluid leaking from the front...
I recently did an overland trip around Namibia in a rented LC79, kitted for camping. Mostly unintentionally, put that thing through situations I was certain would break ANYTHING.. and it didn't even hint at a problem. Fell in love with the platform right there. After being a fairly long time reader, it's obvious this is one of the best places to look for a platform to build my own. Hoping to find a unicorn, to build an overland vehicle. Me, and everyone else I imagine.. but a guys got to try. Ideally a 4 door pickup (extended if possible), but a Troopy works. LHD is a must. 2005 or older (Canada import laws are 15+ yrs.) Relatively Low KM's and overall excellent condition All mechanical & Diesel specs obv. If anyone has worked with...

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