Zero Rust (paint)

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Feb 15, 2008
The land of Elvis...
I have found a great deal on the site about POR 15. Reading some other car sites, there is a product called Zero Rust. Comparisons on these sites say it is stronger, easier, cheaper, less toxic, and even goes well as a coffee sweetener.

Anybody have any opinions?

Thanks, Paul
love the fact that it comes colored...i will be doing some bodywork in the somewhat near future and will be using their white to treat the bad areas...and black for frame and underside...its also the only one (i think) that come rattlecan

i have heard only good things about it
I've been using it. It's the only one I can have shipped over here. Prep is key. I have spots that are already rusting through because I didn't prep good enough. Unless you treat the rust with acid, I would expect that rust to come back. However, it is really great stuff. I've been using the blue and white on my pig. It is not glossy. I like that it comes in a spray can too. Here's a pic of my pork rump painted.
I like Zero Rust. Use it all the time on various projects. Touching up my FJ40 frame with it. Also used it as the primer coat on my Dodge M37.

Another product that works is Rodda Barrier. But it needs to be sprayed on. But it's easier to use and not as nasty as POR. I did some fenders up with Barrier, and then abandoned the project and left them outside for a decade in the rain. Only had a couple of minor rust spots, whereas a fender done with ordinary primer was a rusted mess. I forget the specs, but one version of Barrier had a certain degree of burn resistance, meaning you could weld after you primed without burning off large areas of paint.

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