Yet another stereo question

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Trunk Monkey

Apr 27, 2003
Salt Lake City
Will other Toyota double DIN stereos work in an 80? I would imagine the same year range would use the same connectors, but what about newer? I like the newer 6 disc in dash changers on some of the new models, just pondering and watching Ebay . . .
Yes, they do. In order to take advantage of the onboard amplifier you will need to stick with an anti-theft type chassis. They can be found in many late 90's Camrys and 4Runners.
hey guys - I thought I'd hijack this thread slightly with a yet another stero question.

I just noticed tonight that one of the lights in the stereo faulty. When the head lights are on I can see that half of the channel select bar is not light. I had the dash out today to install the CDL switch but I since the stereo remained in place I don't think I would have broken it .

I would think that if a wire was internitent all of the lights in the stereo would not work but I'm not sure.

Anybody ever replace on the "running" nighttime lights in stereo?

It's probably not worth the effort but little things like this bug me.
I had a bulb go out on the face of the stereo in our Subaru. On that one the bulbs are soldered onto the circuit boards, don't know if they are on the Toy, but I would imagine they are. I did all the work getting it out, stripping off all the plastic and took the board in to a car stereo shop. They soldered in a new bulb for like $20.
1 DIN aftermarket w/ pocket or CB below is more better.

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