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The gutters are the best place for the rack, the '55 roof is fairly weak with only 3 pressed steel crossbraces as stock (I have six). You'll need to ensure that the gutter is not rusted badly or you may find the rack on your head after a good bump!
Gutter mount seems pretty sturdy. 2-300 pounds should be no problem. I'll let you climb up on my roofrack and jump around...
I'm looking at doing an expedition type rack on the top of my 55. Most of the racks I've seen mount to the gutters.

How sturdy and trustworthy are gutter mounts? How much weight would you trust the gutter mounts to withstand?

Looking at 2-300 lbs up top on the highway. Offroad might just be tent and sleeping bags.

John - you gonna build a cage for yer :pig:? I went thru the roof & mounted mine to the cage. I'll fab up some false bases to cover the connection later on in the build:
Howdy! I built a rack from 1/2 and 3/4 inch square tube that fits in my gutter. I have carried over 800 pounds on it, no problems. I have snapped of some serious tree limbs over the years, no problem. They call me the Kindling Kid cause I usually have dead branches all over the rig if we are running in the trees. It's been about 20 years since I built it. Steels a bit more $$$ than it was, but I would guess under $100 to do it again. I could get some pics if you want. John
Hard to tell from this pic, but mine has 4 vertical supports on each side that are welded to 1/4" x 1/2" metal strips which are bolted through the gutters. Floor of the rack is treated lumber. PO did this, but it's very sturdy and the gutters seem to holding up well.
Hey ya'll
The gutter racks are nice, but I'm in a situation where all the pillars are cracked at both the roof and the floorpan. The PO had a boat rack up there just pop-riveted on and I used it once in a pinch with about 200# of lumber - I cringed everytime I hit a pothole *ok down here it is potholes with occasional asphalt*

I would recommend that the condition of the body to frame mounts be checked, that the pillars all be checked for damage, rust, cracking etc. as mine are in horrible shape and I'd never mount a gutter rack to the rig I have.
Howdy! I'm workin on it. John
Howdy! Sorry for the delay, but I had to work my way thru a bunch of bells and whistles on my new camera. But, I think I've got it down now. This rack is over 20 years old. It has never been repainted, and I have never cracked a weld, which amazes even me due to the size of the tree limbs I have snapped off over the years. John
roofrack corner.jpg
roofrack RF.jpg
roofrack LF.jpg
<hijack>Hey Luke111, are those ALCOA wheels? I worked for ALCOA last summer as an intern and I've got 'em on my 40.</hijack>

Nice rack, Inkpot!:doh:

Rhino Rack - Roof Racks, Bike Racks, Roof Boxes, Ladder Racks, Ski, Snowboard & Kayak Carriers
They now have an agent in America

I run a roof rack/4wd store here in Australia. We sell all brands TJM ARB etc and Rhino. The Rhino is by far the most popular due to Strength, it Lightweightness (made from structural grade alloy) its versatility to fit other models, and the tray can remove from the cross bars. (its also a bit cheaper) We sell probably 5 ARB racks per year, compared to at least 1 Rhino tray per week.
Why cart such a heavy steel rack on your roof? Your load limit of 100kg's (on a non rusty guttered 55) is all but exceded before you even put anything in it!

If your gutter is rusty, they do a track mount system where 2 black alloy tracks run the length of your roof then the cross bars slide along it. A bit like what we have on the 100 series down here. (see main picture on web site)
No, I dont get paid from rhino, just really like there stuff.

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