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does this help?
I'm looking to raise and expand out a wheel well.
Do you plan to move the outer lip up or just move the inner wheel well?
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I plan to move the lip also. This is in addition to expanding the opening back toward the tailgate. Basically trying to keep it looking stock but bigger.
Having cut a pig quarter panel or four off I have a pretty good idea how all the sections come together in that area. I believe if I were going to change the wheel opening I would not cut the spot welds and try to reassemble at the weld flanges. It would be much faster and most likely better to cut through the inner and outer at the same time and end up with 4 sections placed and the length and width you want then just patch between them much like you’ll find if you look into how a chop top is done on a hot rod.
Good luck, sounds cool.
Is that a stock fender? My 43" shows a little different:
Yes stock, I believe I stretched it 2" when I welded it all together.
You would most likely need a 4" to 5" stretch if you plan on running 43" tires.
I'm hoping for something a little more factory looking than the squared off drag wheel wells.
Lots of options, just poke around the interwebs and I'm sure you'll find something you like.

You've put me on a good path for this line of though

Yeah the factory’s method for joining all the panels in this area was a horror show on its best day and I don’t need to tell you guys that it doesn’t age well so not something I would spend any time trying to duplicate unless I had a specific reason like trying to rebuild a pig butt back to stock then I would do it something like this.



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