Wanted WTB - 80 or 100 series - white, locked, southwest preferred

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United States
I am looking for a White early model Land Cruiser 100 series or LX470. My budget is reasonable, and I have a pre-approved loan in my hand. I am willing to travel.

- I am not very concerned about exterior sheet metal/bumpers/paint condition, but I am picky about clean interiors.
- It must be locked (rear), ARB is acceptable in lieu of factory lockers. Center diff lock mod is a plus, obviously.
- Mileage is not critical, good maintenance and records is of great value
- I prefer a non-wood dash/interior, but it's not a deal breaker
- I want the interior to be very clean
- I do not need the third row seating
- A mild lift (2.5") with 33" tires is preferred, but stock will also be considered
- Aftermarket front and rear bumpers is strongly preferred, but stock is acceptable if the price is right
- Typical off-road accessories is a plus (sliders, skids, tire carrier, snorkel, rack, OBA, etc..)
- Non-White vehicles will be considered, but I am strongly preferential to white. Price can be persuasive however.

I am in Southern California, but willing to travel throughout the west (within 2 day drive of home, basically about as far as Colorado)
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I spent a few hours in an 80 series today. Despite the fact that many of my friends (with kids) drive 80's, I am not too certain its going to be able to accommodate my kids very long. My son is 12, and already nearing 6'. my wife is 6'2, I'm 6'7, and we all think my 8 year old daughter is going to be the tall one! There just isn't a whole lotta leg room in the middle row seat of the 80.

Is the 100 series any better?

Also, the 80 I drove was an 1994 model. Do any of them have arm rests? The center console storage unit is not really an adequate armrest.
My fishing buddy is 6'8". The only toyota product he fits in to drive is a sequoia. You might be better served with one of those.
6'7" in an 80? Good luck. I'm 6'2" and had to move the driver's seat mounts back 2" to get comfortable. The 100 series has much more room and also has arm rests. There's a built 100 for sale in our club, Built '99 UZJ100 for sale - WC Forums

Trunk Monkey, thanks for the info. I called Kurt and it sounds promising. I'm going to go test-fit a 100 series this evening and then see I can explore this further.
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As an update, I have refined my search to a 98-99 100 series or LX470. The additional space is tangible. Really hoping for a white one, semi-built already (easier to get the goodies all in one loan). I have a pre-approved loan, with the check in my hand.
Well.....had the long talk with the wife. She is not too happy with our financial situation currently, and has veto'd aquiring a new vehicle for the timing being. I hate the fact that she's right :)

going back into lurk mode...

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