Windshield Knob install

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Aug 4, 2019
Just want to confirm the order of this as it's been a few years since it's been disassembled.

A 1.5 inches tube size seems a little long on my 74 or does it go on the outside?

Do you think that thick "washer" that I found with the parts (indicated with the arrow) could be a cut-down tube from it's previous life for some reason.

That does not look like the correct spacer tube.
The inside hole is closer to the diameter of the bolt and usually thicker metal tubing.

And to be clear, does the spacer go in between those two brackets or in between the handle and the first bracket?
If I remember correctly. The deciding factor is the windshield to cowl line up. I believe the correct set up through the years is to keep the windshield and cowl in a straight line, not leaning back or forward.

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