Will new lift kit solve stock suspension issues? (1 Viewer)

Jun 12, 2014
New York Metro Area
I have a 99 LC 100 with 130k miles. All stock. Suspension is making weird noises, but ride and stance seems ok... So I'm not really stressing it, but I do want to prevent anything bad from happening.

3 questions:

1 - I really like the lifted look, so before I throw $ at the stock suspension, I was wondering if a new lift kit (2.5" or 3") would fully replace the stock setup - and make all current suspension issues go away?

2 - What are the things to consider between 2.5" and 3" kits? Besides the obvious - appearance.

3 - Any recommendations for a shop that specializes in lift installs in the NY Metro area - preferably in/near Eastern Queens or Western Long Island?

Jun 22, 2005
Based on info provided: It might. But first...

Can you give more detail about the "weird noises"? Squeaks? Rattles? Vibrations? Under what circumstances?

Since most of the parts that come in a lift "kit" are not moving parts, e.g. coil springs, torsion bars and shocks. The likelihood is that noises are more tied to where/how these parts are connected to the truck - bushings, etc.

I think your third question - recommendation for a shop - is the most important one here. Get that thing on a lift, and have a GOOD mechanic - who knows the 100 - go over all the pieces and parts. I'd want to know what I was dealing with before throwing any new parts at it.

Side note: Despite my screen name, I can't help you with a shop. I moved from the UES in '02.

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