SOLD Wild WY. FJ55 firewall insulation pad. Nice original!

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Oct 4, 2021
Powell, WY
Clean original 1972 FJ55 firewall insulation pad with just a few minor wear through spots. Padding on back is intact as well. $95 shipped. SOLD
Please reply in thread. Thanks, Dennis
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That is a well made pad but are you sure it's OEM? Just curious and it's a good price regardless. I'm not near my pig or I would look but I recall that pad being much stiffer than that and without all those stitching lines. Again, I could be completely wrong.
It is certainly 1972 OEM. Thanks, Dennis
Thanks. Yes it looks like they went from that pleated design to a smooth, stiffer design after 1975. I had never seen one of the pleated ones. Again, very nice and in great condition.
Looks like what’s left of mine (1974)
Maybe our friend @jestlurnin would trace it for you and take a few seam measurements? It looks like a very easy part to replicate if you have the pattern. I'm sure those boys down south could whip one out pretty quickly.

If I was making one I would use this product, or something similar, instead of plain automotive jute:

Just cover with black vinyl and sew in the edges and seams.
Nice Snag, I would also be interested in doing something along the lines of Greg's ideas.
Damn. Missed it.
I’ll sit in the #2 spot
Still looking for one? I’m about done parting a 75 pig but this piece is in there. If I can remove the heater…..

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