Who can name this part?

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Feb 1, 2002
I have a 1973 FJ40L and it has a small square bracket next to the cowl air intake bracket. I have yet to be able to figuire out what it is for. There was nothing attached to it when I got the truck and there does not seem to be any info in the Toyota Factory Literature, Body Manual, or the Owner's Manual. I was hoping some "Cruiser God" might recognize it.

I have attached a photo..hope it works! :)

I also hope I don't have to go :doh: after your responses.


I can't resist a challenge:

(1) the bracket is for the vacuum transfer mechanism 4wd knob,
which was not installed on your '72 because it has the direct
transfer lever mounted on the floor.

(2) it's for the cowl vent pull knob.

(3) i don't have a clue.
I think that is where the radio attaches :D
isn't that where you mount your mic clip for your cb radio? :slap: :D :D (no i'm not a hic :D)
It is where the radio attaches....however yours is bent down 90 degrees. Bend it back up to horizontal.
Oh man If you don't know I'm not going to tell.
Thanks guys I new someone would know. This thing came with the radio plate in it, and I've never had one with the radio in it. I would guess that after some of the other things that were done to the truck that the guy did what Stretch said :mad:. At least he didn't cut or break it off.

Well i'll post some pics in the near future of the complete ground up stock resto!!

I can't wait!!!! It's been two LONG years, but it's down to the body and paint work.

ZumFJ40 and toddslater...Thanks Again.
:doh: Still learning to spell!!!! xumFJ40
I need to put a radio in my truck, 1970 FJ40, I was wondering if my truck has the cutout for the radio also. I think I have a speaker but im not sure. its right under the dash and next to the heater. anyone know?? thanks
My '73 had the stock speaker mounted inside the glovebox. If yours had a radio, you should have a cut out just above the heater.

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