Which motor mount do I need?

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Jan 6, 2023
Ontario Canada
Greetings all,
I am new to this forum and apologize if this question has been posted previously. I have recently acquired a one owner, all original (almost) 78 FJ40 with 150 K on it. The previous owner had the 2F motor swapped for a crate Nissan SD33T back when the truck was new so that it would use the same fuel as the other logging trucks and equipment. Other than that, it is still original. The shop that did the conversion mounted the new diesel motor using the original 2F mounts and 4 speed transmission. The mounts appear to fit and work except are not the best to manage the vibration of the diesel motor. My question is, "What motor mounts are comparable to the FJ40 2F mounts, but can work best with the Nissan Diesel?" Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Sep 20, 2022
35th parallel north
Welcome to Mud.

My suggestion is to replace the original mounts, just as a plan of attack. During my motor swap, I found maybe one piece of rubber that you could reuse. The bolts were worn, you could see that things were moving around a bit. Just fresh parts in there might be all that your truck needs?

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