Wheres the leak!!!

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Mar 15, 2007
Cool, CA (Yes it is a City)
Well I have been wanting to get rid of these "Bling" wheels for a while now but because I havn't wanted to spend the $$$, I have lived with them. I recently sprung a leak in the front right and decided I would go find out where it was leaking today. What I found surprised me.

Now for the fun part. What would you guys run if you were in the market for a new set of beadlocks. I have been considering a set of Allieds. Any opinions????
tire leaking.JPG
cracked rim.......humm......if it were mine I'd throw it and get a new one or get it welded and put it on the rear (depending on how much you want to spend....guessing the weld) your rim maybe out of round too so beadlocks will cure the leak but not the hop or wobble.

I don't know anything bout beadloks but know a fair bit bout rims
I have never run bead locks so have no knowledge/opinion on those (I guess really depends on the type of wheeling you are doing). And have always been partial to the stock steel split rims. I really like that appearance. No risk of a crack and if you bend one you can bang it back in place with a stout hammer. I have steel wagon wheels the PO put on and I really never liked those much but thats what I have.

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