Where to get relay rod end kit

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Nov 28, 2006
Leesport, PA
My relay rod ends are shot, beyond shot really. I found a kit on cruiserparts.net, that came with everything to do TRE's and the relay ends, rubber boots and all. Unfortunately, they are out if stock and on backorder. Anyone know another source that aren't the Taiwanese crap? Can the relay rod end kits still be bought from Toyota? Or, if anyone has a decent whole relay rod laying around I'd be glad to buy it.
If its an 80 then get with Dan at american toyota. He is in the vender section. If its an 60 then Cruiser outftters
Just today, I ordered the complete OEM set (with the tubes/rods) from CDan for $295.08 plus shipping. Quite a bit more than the $90 kit from cruiseroutfitters and others, but I figured it was OEM and came with the rods.

From other posts, my understanding is that cruiseroutfitters and cruiserparts both have Japanese aftermarket replacement (555 and Fuji respectively). Some think the Fuji are the best of the aftermarket. I am also under the impression that some of the 555s are Taiwanese or Chinese when you get them from other vendors. Kurt vouches that his are Japanese and from his reputation (and my own dealings with him) I'm inclined to believe him.
sorry, these are for my 60, have to update the sig line. Maybe I should try cruiser outfitters. Cruiserparts is definitely backordered, and they are the only source I know of for the Fuji ends.
Marc311, so you ordered the entire relay rod, and it comes with two new ends and the 4 rubber boots? $300 for the whole setup? And this is definitely the relay rod, not the tie rod correct?
Here are the Toyota part numbers and list prices for fj60 and 88 fj62 steering parts

When you order either end, you get a rod attached.

I ended up with an extra set of rods.


New clamps do not come with the nut and bolt.

Those have their own part number.

Later 89-90 fj62 parts will also fit.

The Toyota epc has them as a cross part.

They are beefier and almsot twice the $
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I got both the relay rods/ends AND the tie rods/ends. It is my understaning that Toyota changed the threads or something and that is why they now only sell them with the rods.

Here are the prices CDan quoted me - except I'm not sure which are which:

$64.78 for one side (tie or relay)
$93.65 for the other side
$106.71 for the other two (which I guess is whichever set (tie/relay) are a matched pair).

I guess tax brought it up to the 295.08

So if you just need the relay rods/ends, it will either cost you $106.71 or $158.43 depending on which quote was for which. Since I was buying them all I didn't really pay attention to the particulars. Dan was at work toady (1-800-432-6668 x8).
I think I might just visit my local dealer tomorrow. I can usually get him to give me a pretty good price. Does anyone know what percentage off CDan gives? Anyway, it's 90 bucks for 555 relay rod ends and TRE's, or apparently $160 for the entire relay road and end assembly. I think having OEM ends and not having to mess with those old threads will be well worth it.
any chance an old relay rod might have good ends? I guess I could possibly find one in a junkyard... or I posted in the want to buy section. Do all year fj60's share the same relay road and ends?

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