Where is the place to get 1fz 97 motor (1 Viewer)

Dec 21, 2016
red clay Ga
$9500 bucks might seem like a lot of money for a factory engine but it's not. Here's the funny thing, if you were to do a complete rebuild on a used motor, using all new factory replacement parts, then add in the machine shop cost to do all the machine work, plus the labor to put the motor together you'll be at, or over that 9500 dollar cost. If you go with the factory motor you'll get the added bonus of a factory warranty.
Tried that before , they would give you a warranty if they’re the one doing the labor also . These sneaky mfs will get you everytime .
Feb 10, 2006
S.E. QLD Australia
"Sneaky MFs"??? Sounds entirely reasonable to me. Why would anyone warrant someone else's work?

Regardless, at least in Australia, consumer laws mean Toyota would still have to warrant the new components. So if the new block had a casting defect, that's on them, not on the engine rebuild shop. Obviously, often difficult to prove the source of an engine 'failure'........
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