When to Adjust Valves

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Jan 5, 2005
We've had our cruiser for about 8 years now and have never adjusted the valves.. After doing some reading it would appear that this is a bad thing. I was wondering how you would know that your valves need to be adjusted. Is their some kind of problems you might encounter?

On a completely sperate note.. we just finished up an injector change and havn't been to happy with the results. The cruiser seems to be smoking more during start up along with being harder to start. It also has a surging idle when cold. The surges are very slight but still audible. Any Ideas why these things would appear after the injector install?

what model of cruiser do you own?

I have a bj-60 diesel. Mine need to be adjusted to. Dont know when was the last time it was adjusted. Tempted to call PO if thay ever were. It is making noise so its time to have it done.

Don't call. Just adjust.

Arnott, how can you tell? when you open the valve cover and find the rockers all bashed in.

Adjust those valves.
My injector shop gave me some gaskets and seats in a denso package with the rebuild. In my opinion they do not fit as well as the Toyota ones. After installing the ones I got with the rebuild my truck blew lots of white smoke and was hard to start. I got new gaskets and seats from Toyota and pulled the injectors again. #2 had lots of black gunk on it so I am guessing I wasn't getting full compression in that cylinder.


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