Whats in your Garage? Let's see some pics.

Dec 5, 2015
New England
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Sweet thread! Some beauts for sure. Here is my R1 endurance build and the daily commuter RSV4...

DSC00316 (Medium).JPG

DSC00396 (Medium).JPG
So here's the motorcycle place...never been to the "Other" forum in the ten years or so I've used the board. Already posted some of this in chat, but figure it deserves to be here.

New to me 1983 Honda XL600r. Only plans are a full inspection/tune-up, replace the leaky crank case seal, a Cee Baily windscreen, color appropriate rear fender, paint engine/exhaust, exhaust wrap, and an off-road LED fog light below the main headlight to see better at night. Actually removed two 8" Hella spot lights from Y2K and replaced them with a pair of theses on my FJ40. Much more powerful and crisper lighting. Figure one is enough for the bike.

Now that I'm getting more comfortable with the compression release and kicking it over once I find TDC, it's a damn good bike. Plenty of power (faster than I'd ever want to go but enough to power through a bad situation), rides great on the road (looking forward to the windscreen), and will make a good transport for the two ferries I have to take in the summer to get to the nearest grocery store and bank.

Also bought this for my son for Xmas. 2004 Suzuki RM 65. Just getting him started riding. Only mods are a more quiet exhaust with a spark arrester. It's tuned for racing and very loud. The few neighbors I have in the summer won't like how loud it is. Don't want them to hear him on the property when they are 1/4-1/2 mikes away.


Mar 16, 2009
Stuck between a rock and a hard place
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He better not drop it 😉

Like everything with two-wheelers, it is not if you dump it, but when. Have all of the DOT gear on it to get it registered, then will pull it off for training. The tank has dents on both sides already, so no big worries there. Plus once he moves on to something more powerfull I am thinking on turning it into a Rothmans replica. Actually quite a bit of aftermarket bits from the UK which turn it into a great retro twin-shock trials bike.



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