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Dec 28, 2005
I need some help making a decision. I love my 99 LX470, but with 150,000 miles I wonder how much more trouble free service I can expect? I’m currently looking at a 2005 LX with 35,000 miles from the Lexus dealer with 100,000 mile certified warranty. My LX is set up the way I want with 33” BFGs and an ARB front diff. The dealer wants $46k for their LX, and will give me $12k for mine. The only known problem I have with mine is a leaky steering rack, and leaky rear main seal. I fixed up the steering leak with some Lucas steering fluid, but now the pump groans a little on cold startups. I tightened the bolts around the rear main seal, between the transmission and engine, and the leak seems to have subsided.

I really stay on top of my maintenance and use all synthetic fluids. I’m an engineer with a pretty good eye and ear for suffering mechanical components, and from what I can tell all else is in good order.

· Is a 05 better than a 99? I noticed that the 05 has plastic headlights and my 99 is thick glass.
· How many miles can I expect from mine?
· Is the quality of construction the same?
· Can I expect better gas mileage from the 05 with a 5 speed transmission?
· Is the new Trac system better than my old school 4WD with a front locker?
· Financially, am I getting a good deal from the Stealer / Dealer?

What would you do?

Sorry this is long, and I know there is no easy answer, but I know you guys know your S*&^ when it comes to the Toyota 100s.
an extra $35K+taxes+tires+ARB? I would not do it. Yours will do another 150K miles easily with some care. Plus the prices you quoted seem bad on both sides...
Even if you paid a dealer to do the rear main and the steering rack you would be way ahead $ wise to keep what you have. And the 05 price does not seem that great to me and I'm in the Land of expensive Cruisers.
The differences are noticeable between the 99 and 05. However, the pricing differences don't look favorable. If you saw a 99 like yours for $12K I believe you would consider it a steal. It should be very reliable for years to come - 300K seems easy.

The 05 LX is a very nice truck, but they have it priced on the high side, even with the warranty. Construction is similar, gas mileage will be about 1 mpg better with the 5 spd, but responsiveness and feel will be much nicer (along with the VGRS). TRAC is wonderful, especially the version in the LC/LX.

You will appreciate the warranty more with the 05 because of all the added gadgetry it has over the 99 = more to go wrong at higher cost. The 06 came with a HP increase - that may be a factor in your decisions. I would tend to stick with what I had, but it you are relatively serious about the 05, I would tell the dealer to give me $16K for my 99 and sell the 05 for $41K and we are in serious talks. Otherwise, tell him you would rather have an 06 or 07 with the big HP and the cool LEDs, and you would take one of those for $46K.
I too would keep it and maintain it.

My 60's got 209K and going strong.

I can only imagine what a 100 will do.

I have to believe with average gasoline costs across the country heading towards an average of at least $4.00 gallon...and summer coming on...and we are in the throws of a recession...gas eaters are going to get repriced...and it ain't gonna be up ;).

Time is your friend right now. If you give in to emotion you'll write the check for that '05 at the high water mark. Otherwise if you can bide your time, I believe, values are headed south.

Just my $.02...but it may not be even worth that ;).
keep the old one and save your $$ for gas ..all the new stuff is just more to go wrong ..
Man I love this 2004..... :D

5 speed auto.... 1st gear is lower than the old 4 speed.. oh yeah, dangle the carrot!!

However, it depends on what you want, or can afford. If your current ride is working fine, just hang out a while.

I was driving along yesterday and stopped at a red light. I passed about 4 or 5 Land Cruisers / LX470s and I thought to myself..... "Self, none of these Cruisers have probably ever even seen dirt. That's a lot of cherry Cruisers running around. In fact, hundreds of thousands even... maybe".

So when you're ready, there will be plenty of good ones to choose from.

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