What to do with a known scalper/flipper

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Apr 1, 2020
I have been searching for an early Toyota to fix up with my daughter in the Southwest for several months. Yesterday I found a great starting point and emailed the seller within an hour of the post offering to take the day off work to pick it up. His post was removed the next day. Sad, but figured if it goes to one who intends to drive it then cool. Very next day, a vehicle flipper is selling it for over 2x what the original owner was asking. I have run into this guy before and he is very unprofessional to the point where he threated me and my family after I called him out on a prior vehicle.

He has since pulled down his post on FB and Craigslist, but is still contacting me letting me know it is available. I'm thinking he has pissed others off as well...

While I'd really like to meet the guy and punch him square in the nose, that serves no actual purpose and would just be detrimental. Thinking it is best just to walk away and ignore the guy.

Has anyone else encountered such behavior when trying to fix up your old Toyota?
Not so much a flipper - but even before Craigslist I found a way too good to be true deal on a Miata on Autotrader. Recently divorced woman ended up with it and was selling well below market. Talked to her and said "I'm on my way with cash." Prolly a 2.5 hour drive. Got a phone call halfway up (back when cell phones were $/minute so just lucky I had one) saying it was sold. So someone local came along and offered more. Different situation but infuriating. But at the end of the day that's the way the cookie crumbles. I've never done that to anyone as buyer or seller. And on my FJ Cruiser I was the first in line on a smokin deal and the guy honored it even though people were calling from other states willing to wire the money immediately. Win some lose some.
Have also had it happen, more than once. Really nothing you can do, it's the free enterprise system.
Yep these situations suck. I too agreed in principle on a price for a Tacoma for my son. Left work early with family to drive hour and half to Denver with cash in hand per our agreement. Stopped halfway in Silverthorne to eat dinner and he called me to let me know it had sold. Needless to say I walked outside and went ballistic on him outside of the restaurant. I guess my mannerisms were pretty evident when i walked back in since most of the patrons were looking at me. Sadly there are scumbags like this in our world who have zero integrity or morals. Only positive was it was good learning experience for my kids. They got a good lesson about when you give your word to someone you stick to it.
As an update, I've added the scammer/flippers photo to Craigslist, where he typically sells.

With the 82 Short bed, he picked it up for $3K, now he is asking $7.5K. No way in hell I'd pay this guy 2x knowing he flipped it. I should mention I dealt with this guy previously when he flipped a 4runner. When I called him out, he threatened my family and I along with texting me his masked face with the wad of cash. I did learn his name is Brian Harvey and he lives in Santa Fe.

Thinking of taking a look at one of his flips with a few buddies all in BDUs. That could be fun

Greenbeast; sorry to hear about your story, that sucks. Ones word should mean something.

Brian Harvey.png

WTF is that in the back seat, even it is paranoid of the guy! Maybe he is flipping the dog also.

Maybe he is a trust fund kid. Either way he looks like a douche bag with the money.
Osama Bin Harvey?
My sincere apologies. That was in poor taste and bad humour.
So if the guy is shady, and can't provide references upon request, you probably shouldn't buy from him.

Anything i've been serious on has always been a written agreement with some money down. I've always risked my small deposit to secure the deal on something I needed or wanted.

too often guys are promising to buy, only to back off and not finish the deal. There's probably more tire kickers than scammers out there.
Watch out for scams in Dubai. A co-worker accepted a $50,000 cheque from a local. The cheque bounced and he lost his Mercedes. Local authorities do not prosecute native emeratis for scamming foreigners. This ripoff artist had pulled the scam 50 times before.
Given the events of the last few months we ought to be learning zero tolerance for "wokesterism" as well as for genuine, overt racism.
Can we please just stick to 4wds and their issues? This thread is about how to deal with a stupid human being and possible criminal activity. His race or ethnicity has nothing to do with the thread.
Yesterday was the old 4runners first shake down run since replacing the timing chain. Saw a few other old 4 wheel drives out around New Mexico.

When we stopped to climb, the 4runner dropped a bunch of coolant. Now questioning if there might be an air bubble in the cooling system.

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