what starter to use

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Dec 16, 2005
I have a pig with a 350, Ranger OD, and 4-spd tranny out of 77 pig. I need to replace the starter and I am having some difficulty finding one that fits. The bell housing/adapter looks old school and I cannot find any markings on it. I do not believe that it is from AA. Did Chevy starters changes designs around mid 70s?...I am not completely sure of the year of the 350.

there were 2 styles 1 bolts to the block and one to the bellhousing.the heads should interchange from starter to starter.there is also heavy and light duty .the heavy will have a longer brass rod between the solenoid and the starter connection.if you cant get that old style your head should fit a newer starter good luck
thanks for that info! I have the style that bolts to the bellhousing, I will have to look a little deeper.

Thanks again
Howdy! I have the same setup. The Ranger unit is the conversion from Chevy to Toyota. The bellhousing is stock Chevy. If the block has the holes in it, you can switch over to a block mount. The bellhousing mount setup is much older, like look for a mid 60's light truck application. If you go to block mount, you MAY need to add some of the little shims that usually come with each starter. They allow for any interference with the starter gear to the flywheel. John
I didn't even think to look at the block for that type of set up. Thanks again.

I am new to the whoel Ranger OD setup....where are the check and fill holes for fluid....what type of fluid?

Howdy! Should have an allen 3/8"? about half way up on the PS. Looks just like the drain plug on the bottom. Run the same gear oil as your H42 4 speed. Mine is a 17% underdrive. John

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