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Hey guys I am a Scout guy but just came upon a 78 FJ40 at a boneyard. It is a typical midwest rustbucket and will be crushed within a week or so. I know nothing about them, but I am thinking about stripping some parts off to resell as I have been out of work for a while. It is pretty stock apprearing and the shift knob shows it has a 4 sp.

What is worth saving before it is crushed?
If the axles are there, they could fetch a bit of dough. In fact, if they are complete (with diffs) that's a good year because it should have disc brakes up front and the diffs should be a 4.11 ratio with the fine spline pinion. Any body parts that are good you can usually find a taker on... The tranny ain't worth jack (probably around $100 or so if it's even any good). &nbsp:Don't know about the tcase...if it's a split tcase (not sure what year they came about), and it's in good shape it could get ya some dough also...not sure of exact prices but I have seen $250 to $500 or so... also don't know if '78s came with power steering or not, but that would also be a steal if you could get it all. Hmmm. Any body else? Wish it was by me, I would save the whole thing from the crusher. Maybe you should pull what you think might help you out and then tell us where it is so one of us could go save the rest of it from the crusher. (What a pity it would be to see a crusher being crushed in a crusher....) Oh and I would love for you to contact me about the diffs if you get 'em. I am sorta lookin' for some....
Well, I just did some research about the tcase...the split tcase didn't come around until 1980, so the tcase won't be worth as much as I suggested. Not sure how much a '78 tcase would go for...probably $150 to $300 (again if it's in decent shape).

Oh I thought of another item: the front turn signal lights and the rear light assemblies--again if they are any good--for some reason they are hard to come by and are expensive to buy new.

Any emblems.

Oh and there are plenty of people whom know more than me about this stuff so hopefully they chime on in...
buy the damn thing and tell me what you want for it.you need to save it from the big CRUNCH!!!if you can get it for cheap like 500 or less than theres money to be made.BUY IT!!!!!!!!just for a ref.disc axle 250-500 beans,4spd 150beans the list goes on but buy it keep it and sell it to me.
Where exactly is this Bone Yard?? I could definately use a front axcle if it was good/close.
>>>>Oh I thought of another item:  the front turn signal lights and the rear light assemblies--again if they are any good--for some reason they are hard to come by and are expensive to buy new.

>>>>Any emblems.

T/S and rear lights are not too bad in the aftermarket. It's way better just to buy some than to scrounge OEM. Lenses are like $14 for rears at $pector. I want to say I paid $27 for the whole assembly.

Same with emblems. Unless they are perfect it's not worth much to me, the aftermarket ones are pretty nice and pretty cheap. Ebay 'em and somebody will pay twice what you can get them for new.

Most of the parts that are in big demand are probably no good, that's why every body wants them. Rear jump seats, good bucket bottoms, ambulance doors, tool kits, upper dash pads, OEM PTO winch parts.

The axles are your best bet, but if you salvage the whole thing you could make your money back on ebay for all the little stuff that isn't worth a lot, but somebody will want, like the switchgear, the steering column, the filler neck etc.

The trans and xfer are not worth shipping, but could be worth a bit if you know of a 3-speed owner close by that wants to do the swap.
I need a full set of switches and knobs for the interior of my truck, if those are in good shape and you wanted to pull those, I would buy 'em from you.

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