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Jan 5, 2003
San Antonio TX
OK guys, I didn't get a response from the "other " board so lets see if you can figure it out. I am not sure how to post pics on this site so I will try and explain as best possible. I removed the fuel tank from my 75 fj40 and on one of the lines just above the tank there is a cartridge that looks just like a small fuel filter. Did it come from the factory this way? did the PO put it on? what does it do if it's not a fuel filter? the vapor mechanism is there also. do those go bad? Do I need to replace it? I pulled the tank due to a gas smell, I did have small holes and had them patched and the tank lined but while I am there I would like to do all of the work. thanks
gas smells frequently = a plugged drain from the vapor mechanism....I had one that was rusted shut.

You can post pictures/attach pictures useing the "attach" feature located directly below the window you type a reply in....filesize and filetype are limited tho....

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