What is this white unplugged connector behind my dash

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Aug 29, 2020
Found with unplugged while installing a CB, curious as to where it goes. Obviously some option I don't have...heated seats I am no sure? Please if you know. enlighten me.

Plugs for heated seats are under the center console.
CDL plug is in the upper right hand corner of the photo still intact with jumper & factory foam and taped to the big wiring harness.

The plastic corrugated wire loom is not OEM as far as I know.

Does your rig have a security light in the dash? They were added stateside.
Not only fancy pants LX, but the 40th as well! Automatic climate control...which I'm convinced just puts the system on full blast. Haha.
Vacuum the dust out of it first. Auto HVAC control
going to bump this since search hasnt found me much...

are all the OBD2 dash harnesses the same? would say a 95 or 96 cruiser have that plug? does the LX have a different harness for the different speakers? is the 40th/CE its own thing? cant find the part numbers for the things on toyodiy but i always struggle to find what i need.

EDIT: found this.

82131-6A492(01/1995 - 07/1996)1$4,499.43
82131-6A493(08/1996 - 12/1997)1$4,757.21

so yeah, maybe the newer one is the only one that works with the auto climate??

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