What is this to???

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Jan 4, 2007
Always on the Run
I bought this from a company a little while back and it is supposed to be a rear engine/ tranny mount for a 3B with H55F 5 speed. It does not look like mine unless something attaches to it? Mine is a v type shape kinda like a cradle and much wider than this one? anyone??
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That's not the right mount for the H55. I replaced mine two years ago. It's supposed to be bigger with big bushings for either side of the tranny. Crawl under the truck, look up under the skide plate from the rear and you'll see it. Not the same.
That looks pretty much like the tranny support used on Hilux trucks...

There was also another one very similar that I saw mounted on a 70 series pick up with the 5 cylinder diesel engine (I think it is the 1PZ) Same look. The diff between both was the size, same shape though.

that is very simular to my support in my 78
I change mine too. Look like only Toyota can get you that part.
It was like $29, I knew better than to order it, I have the right one on its way now.
i got the same one from napa:mad:

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