What DTM Epoxy Primer Do You Recommend?

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Oct 25, 2019
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I'm starting to look at paint options. What direct to metal primer have you guys used, and what do you recommend? I'm looking at the Tamco Epoxy Primer, SPI Epoxy, and Eastwood Epoxy. Any to stay away from?
lots of us locals use SPI. works great, approx 7 day window to work or you need to scuff it with a scotchbrite pad and shoot another coat before doing bodywork . we use it as a sealer with bit of reducer prior to color. I've used their build primer and their clear with excellent results. Great customer support. Excellent guide on how to paint a car How To Use | United States | Southern Polyurethanes
Made in the USA. Tough as nails after the window passes. just do NOT rush it.. meaning don't think you can toss build on before you let the epoxy cure and also let the epoxy induce the appropriate amount of time. I have been using their Universal Clear as well. Even a non body guy can get it to look good!
I've shot a lot of it. Shoots great even before i purchased a good HVLP gun. It actually shoots quite well thru a harbor freight gun if you spend the time cleaning the gun and learning how to tune the gun. One key is clean air.. I use a Motorguard air filter Amazon product and a good flex line that is dedicated to just painting (only used AFTER the air line filter). The Motorguard filter is permanently attached to my plasma cutter cart and only used for plasma cutting and paint. Never had any issues with Nason base single stage, Nason Acrylic Enamel, TCP Global Chassis black or any other paint.

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