What am I doing wrong? Clutch.

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Apr 15, 2009
Foresthill, Calif.
With the clutch hydraulics completely removed the clutch felt nice and strong yesterday but today with all the new hydra-parts in place...no clutch.

I can see the clutch rod working nicely from under the truck and I have backed the slave rod off enough for it to be seated losely in the cup on the TO bearing fork. All that is moving too but still no clutch.

With the motor running I can shift between gears without using the clutch and the gears touch just a little but the truck will remain stationary in 1st, no park brake.

Something must be keeping the pressure plate from closing but it had to have been closed yesterday or I couldn't have started it in gear.

BTW....It caught and ran in less than 5 seconds, dead cold this AM and ticks over sooooo nice.:) NOW if I could just make it MOVE again.:bang:

Don't be embarrassed you are not the first to get caught out with that

Best possible outcome really:steer:

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