wet mud is bad for engine...

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Yeah. Took my stock 91 cruiser out on this trail and there was a mud pit, wasnt too deep but I'm new to offroad driving so when I went through the pit I hit the water way to fast and ended up getting my whole engine bay caked in mud. Now it shakes around 2-2500 rpms, i'm pretty sure it's mud up in the intake but the only way I think I can get it out is if I just let it sit and the car will spit it out as exhaust. Another problem is, randomly my brake light and oil light come..checked oil it's fine... ???

And also my lights dim. I checked teh alternator and the bitch has what is now basically dried mud all over it. My question is all these things I've said is there anything else I that could be wrong? I know I have a broken exhaust bracket but that shouldn't bother this. Any help is great!

What about pulling error codes . I wonder if letting it dry would help . No more moisture , no more intermittant shorting . Then drive the hell out of it so it crumbles away . Then maybe pressure spray ... Junks never had mud worries , so don't ask him . *wink*
How would I pull error codes? I need a computer? :-\
You need to jump the terminals in the diagnostic box if you have one. I'm not sure about the FJ80, but in my '94 FZJ you jump terminal e1 and te1 with a paper clip and turn ignition to "on" without starting the truck. The check engine light will flash a sequence at you that is the necessary code. Count the flashes and note the pauses in between. If you get four flashes, a pause, then one flash, that is a code 41.

I hope I explained that correctly and you understand. Post back whatever your code is and somebody will be able to help.
Yeah, I got my car to idle fine and run, the vibrating was caused by mud in the wheels...sprayed those out...cleaned the air filter and the intake a little bit and got that running. Now my only problem is the damn alternator is still caked in mud.
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Mud really, really sucks.

Want to tell me what happened?

Yeah it's all fun and games until you're car starts screwing up :slap:
Wrong. It is ih8mud. How could you answer your own question wrong? Inbreeding? :flipoff2:
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and this

Hey! My car looks like that now too! :doh: :slap:
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Wrong. It is ih8mud. How could you answer your own question wrong? Inbreeding? :flipoff2:

I'm not answering my own question limehead :flipoff2: Making comments. :flipoff2: Now get back back to my momma or she'll charge you overtime. :flipoff2:

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