Well guys- looks like I'm in...... bj44

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Mar 3, 2010
First off I have to thank Dieseler for the tip on this auction. Hope you weren't in the mix on this bid....

Well it looks like i now own a bj44. If the transaction goes well anyway. But I think it will and I am SUPER PSYCHED!!!

Truck needs a little attention to rust but nothing I can't handle with my little mig. For me its likely to be a long term investment- I've thought long and hard about what kind of truck I want to drive and I settled on the bj44 or 46. There are cleaner ones to he had here and I'd really prefer a pimped out 46- 5 speed and 3b and all. But at the price I got the truck for I can afford to make it the way i want over the next few years. i just hope the kids can fit in the back no problem....... Some seat belts in the rear, new set of tires and roof fix and we should be good to go in terms of daily use. After that take car of the minimal cancer and start getting it geared up for some good off road camping. I'm thinking about a trailer but that may be a while....

No options on the truck- standard issue 44 with 160,000km (99,000m) on the clock. Well maintained in terms of fluid changes etc by both the 1st and 2nd owners. The guy posted 77 pics for the auction and was specific about what problems exist- right down to the plug in one of the tires. He really wanted to give an honest overview of the overall condition and even though I'm sure I'll find some issues i'm confident that that I'll be a get it into maintainable condition without too having to do a full overhaul on the thing. Right now aside from the above mentioned issues I'll probably replace the front windshield and start gathering all the other window seals. Then in the next year or 2 I'll start stripping some of the small rust sections at a time and see what I have got to deal with- but relative to many other projects on the forum- not much to deal with at all in terms of rust.

Eventually I'd like to find a set of different seats.....
Check it out:
Some more shots of the work to be done

Just a hint of rust visible at the running boards etc- If I get to it soon I can stay on top if it with a little yearly love. Aside from the rain gutter its looks to be pretty damn clean. But one ever knows until you start tearing stuff down but- well I really don't expect to find any big issues based on the pics.
The biggest issue to my knowledge

is by far the driver side rain gutter. I'm guessing that I'll want to pull at least a portion of the gutter off the roof and replace it. The pics from outside don't look to bad but the interior shot shows that there has been some seepage and i expect to find some rust between the gutter and the top in the corner there.
Nice Looking rig, Welcome to the madness!!!
Anyhow- I'll be asking questions from here on out- just put up with me for a bit and I'll eventually get a clue about these rigs


I have an 1981 BJ44. Awesome rig! Welcome to the clubhouse. I'm assuming yours is a '79 or '80?

Let me know if you have any questions about the 2B, anything 44 specific, or turboing!

Any chance you want to remove that pintle? ;)

Sorry Kraig- I'm hoping to put that thing to use so for now it will stay put. Yes is a late 1980 and I do have one question. I'm wondering if 4l is going to drive me crazy in the snow- how can I get a TC with a 4 high on this rig?
Congratulations on the new purchase.
I am still looking for the rust in those pics and what you have is easily dealt with as long as you put a good paint cover on it after you clean off the rust scale use POR15 or similar then a good final cover paint coat and you will be good to go.
Oh and yes I was eye balling that one also just had not submitted a bid on it I think I missed the auction day on it,well it looks like I missed out on a good one.
Do you have the 3 man bench seats on both sides of the wheel wells.

Just leave it in 2H position lockin the hubs and pull out the vacuum switch with the red light in it on the dash it has FD (front drive) on it and then go have fun in the snow.
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Dieseler- OK cool- so the vac switch puts me in 4H. Still a lot to learn here- and the owner manual is in japanese.

It has a standard rear seat- though I'm considering adding a couple of jumpseats to the rear to hold 6. There will be others but I thought I'd keep this one in Japan.......

Thanks a million for the tip!

I think you have an OEM tire for the spare...Is it in good shape?
That rear seat looks sweat, I have never seen it before, that's stock on a bj44?
I've seen 2 BJ44's now with really rusted gutters on the inside...must be some sort of coincidence.
I dig those MWB 44's they are a pleasure to drive, and the 2B is strong.
The rear seat is nice, what crazy color combination do you have for your fabric?
Here is an ad with a 1982 BJ44.
82 tlc pg12,13.jpg
82 tlc pg6,7.jpg
Hey can you do me a favor. I am trying to identify the seating config my rig had originally. can you take a few pics of how that rear seat is bolted in so i can compare my holes?

Thanks! I didn't think you'd mind taking more pictures of your new beast. :)
Well I don't have it yet..... it'll be a week or 2 until it gets here but I'll be glad to snap some shots when I can.


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