Weird sound coming from 2h

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Aug 2, 2020
After 600km trip with trailer just when arrived home oldie started with super weird and loud noise. Took off waterpump and gen belt and they werent problem.
Taking lover belt off tomorrow, so maybe its powersteering pump.
Heres video of sound

Thing starts sometimes random or at higher rpm. Once dissapeared after gear change.

Any other ideas what to look for ?

Best wishes
Definitely sounds external to the engine.. if the noise changes note when you move the steering that might give you a bit more confidence its the power steering pump.
fan hitting housing? I assume that would have been checked with the water pump check?

Do you have a stethoscope? If not, use a screwdriver with the handle (carefully) pressed against your ear and the other end touching the suspicious part to localize sounds.
I’m not familiar with the 2H but that sounds like an ancillary component and not the engine itself.
Sounds like a shot power steering pump.
Checked the power steering oil level ?
Solved problem with a first look under the car. It was power steering pump belt tensioners bearings. Didn't know two little bearings could do so much noise.

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