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Oct 7, 2003
Too far north. Too far east.
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Also, if you new folks don't already know, we get a nice discount from Dan at American Toyota. It runs 25% off listed price ...

We also get a discount at Desert Rat if you ask nicely and mention that you are a member of High Desert Cruisers. They gave me $10 off on a $60 item (~15%) last week. The guy was quick to say that he appreciated that our club members ask politely if the item qualifies for a discount because some other clubs DEMAND a discount and get indignant when they don't get one.


Also at Desert Rat - they will match any price from the internet which includes shipping.
x3 for Desert Rat. Bought 2 new tires from them, had'em mounted/balanced, and they discounted some other goodies I bought.
Desert Rat is pretty good - except I have had a couple of problems with them. One, they installed a lift (I was working a lot of hours out of town then) and burned half of my tow bar mount out of the way - I can understand that they did it, but they didn't tell me and I didn't find out until I saw it. Then, a Superlift add-a-leaf they installed broke - it was obviously defective as half of the crack was all rusted - they took the leaf halves, then said it was not a "warranty item" but didn't give me the leaf halves back. So, I guess I would say for simple stuff or parts they're okay, but anything beyond what I want to do myself they're not any good anyway...
good to know, thanks.
I'm with Steve. My experience with them has been less than steller.
Has anybody been into "4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers" on Menaul Blvd, I think they're just East of University?

I've never done business with them and don't even know if they're still there, but they're a reseller for ARB products... don't know what else they might carry or if it'd be worth checking out?
I've bought some little things from them since I've moved here.....D-shackles, tow straps, a few odds and ends.....they saw the cruiser out in the parking lot parked next to the ridiculously stupid and huge Dodge 2500 or whatever the hell it is and asked if I wheeled my truck "for real"? I kind of laughed and said "no, it's my bosses's truck" and left.
Has anybody been into "4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers" on Menaul Blvd, I think they're just East of University?

I've been there several times and bought stuff. Decent prices for a bricks & mortar retail store. They are a Warn dealer and can special order parts. Warn screwed up and sent the wrong part which we discovered when I came in to pick it up. They called Warn and had the correct part sent over-night. I thought that was good service since it wasn't 4-Wheel Parts' fault.

Getting a "club" discount is a possibility if someone wants to fill out their 5-page application, submit a notarized copy of our by-laws, and have the finger prints of all the club officers and photographs of all the club members. :rolleyes:

FYI, just mention that you are a HDC member at Desert Rat and ask nicely if they will give you a discount. It usually works for me. Sometimes as much as 10-15% depending on what you are buying.

If you do your homework and shop around on the internet to get the lowest price with shipping, Desert Rat will match it, since they have a very efficient shipping operation.

I haven't checked that with 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers. It would be interesting to check them out on that though - might even be able to convince the store manager to do it, since they would probably want to match Desert Rat.

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