WEBER or not

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Dec 7, 2007
San Jose Ca, USA
I have a 81 TREKKER going through all the normal overhaul stuff. New Clutch, new timing chain, water pump, rear main seal, new fan etc. Now it looks as if I will need to pull the head, tried to get around doing this right now. But I have a little oil leak that drips onto my exhaust manifold behind the heat shield when it warms up to running temp. :bang: I have a new valvle cover gasket and it seems to be seated correctly, but can't seem to pinpoint the leak. I will be taking the exhaust manifold off tonight I hope. Gathering my parts I am wondering if I should just rebuild my stock carb or go WEBER? I live in Cali, and it needs to be smog legal. Anyone have this oil leak? Should I WEBER or not?


ok let her get all warmed up, no oily mist coming from vent tube. any suggestions?

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