Warn M8000 Woe's

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Dec 1, 2004
Calhoun, Ga.
Truck: Sept. 85 FJ60.
Winch doesn't seem to pull much past tension on the cable.
On flat concrete it won't pull the truck over a wheel chock.
Wiring and Grounds are all solid had the winch almost 10 mo's used it 3 times
and as far as I can tell it's been this way since it was out of the box.
Any suggestion's would be appreciated. Haven't contacted Warn yet, hoping to
get a nod from the god's.
Thanks' :beer:.

Not to be a smart @$$ .... but to start with the simple things first ... you are re-engaging the gear box after pulling out the line ???

Two other things come to mind,

-- enough juice to the motor... make sure that your electrical system output is enough to give the motor all the amps it needs to have full power..
you need to describe was is happening while you are using the winch...
can you hear the change in the motor as the load increases, does the motor get pulled down until it quits, or does it sound the same throughout and just not have any power ??

-- is the brake locked up and keeping the spool from turning, or overloading the motor... if you can pull line off with the gearbox in free spool I wouldn't think it was the brake..

Just a couple thing I could think of..

K-808 The first and last suggestions, Well a :flipoff2:,:D. i'm not that big of a retard.

But the voltage is something I'll definatley check out, sometimes I get some funky intermitant voltage drops while I'm wheeling.
:beer: Thanks.
K-808 The first and last suggestions, Well a :flipoff2:,:D. i'm not that big of a retard

:D BG LOL hey I saw you from GA so I didn't want to take any chances :flipoff2::D:D

Get out to Nor Cal and the suds are on me, the Sierra Nevada brewery is just down the road....:beer:

gr :cool:
I grew up in Ventura in SoCal left in 1990 and absolutely won't be back.
So if ya make it out to Georgia the PBR is on me :hillbilly:.

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