Want 2 say I"m BACK , with a 1975 pig

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Feb 5, 2003
Hello guys , Long time LandCruiser guy ( In my golden years ) Just a hard working average guy , Retired Meat cutter ,
I have a twin brother ( Half Wacked ) here on mud with a 75 55 build (75 pork barrel )
I Just acquired a 75 , SOA , Chevy 350 TBI , with a 700r auto , 6 shooter knuckles, with ARB up front ,and 4 wheel disk brakes .
I know most 55 guys here are restoring back to stock , And i really would like that , But this is what i got .
I live in Sacramento Ca. and with the Rubicon trail only 75 miles away , This is how we build 4x4s for the con !
MY first Mod will be to lower the rear about 3 inches , and from there clean her up .and get rid of the blue paint .
Any way guys Hello !
Some of my Cruisers in my life
More pic to come

001 (2).jpg

006 (2).jpg


001 (54).jpg

021 (3).jpg
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Yes I am a Lucky man





015 (6).jpg
Welcome back Mike.
You guys always build the coolest rigs. Do we need another Pigs on the 'Con run? I'm just a few miles closer to it than you, and, yes LandCruisers don't stay stock around here.
I like your Pig of many colors, but if you don't like it that way, have you thought of bedliner?

Pighead , The good old days , We do not Rock crawl much any more , bad knees ,
Rubithon this year will be from Tahoe down to the springs , Times a changennnnnnnnnnnn

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