Vintage Air vs. Old Air (I know I know) (1 Viewer)

Sep 17, 2022
Boise, Idaho
First time poster, long time lurker. I know this topic has been beaten to death on these forums with folks having opinions on both sides.

Backstory: I'm deploying to Bahrain end of November and my FJ40 is coming with me (because who doesn't love some dunes). I already know trying to keep a car cool in Bahrain, esp. a FJ40, is near impossible but just need something when the low is 100+.
Problem: Vintage Air is quoting 8+ weeks of manufacturing time, meaning I'll be without a car for a while. Old Air is quoting 3-5 days shipping. Neither will ship to a FPO.

Question: Is the quality of a Vintage Air so much greater that it is worth waiting and getting my car late vs. Old Air and shorter latency for getting it to Bahrain?


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