AltFuel Vegetable/cooking oil as diesel. Long run effects, power and savings.

Diesel vs Bio Diesel vs Vegetable oil (Reliability)

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May 4, 2014
Costa Rica
Hi team,

Have anyone heard of vegetable/cooking oil replacing the diesel?
I just saw these videos:

Mythbusters said is just 10% less consuming, this tells me that a 10mpg diesel car will do 11mpg instead.
Top gear uses kerosene to make the Vegetable/cooking oil thinner which makes sense, from what I think the injectors are design to run diesel which is 10 times thinner than vegetable oil.

What I cannot find online is any results or effects on the long run.


Took this from: Diesel vs. Biodiesel vs. Vegetable Oil | Homegrown Fuels - Consumer Reports

Any ideas or thoughts on the long run effects?
Using VO as diesel fuel works OK in a hot climate but it has to be filtered and settled very clean. Very few people keep using it after the initial enthusiasm gives way to hard work collecting processing and filtering. There's plenty of information available on this section. Scroll down or use the search function.
I did it, I am just afraid of long effects on the Injection Pump & Injectors.
my hdj81 1hd-t had about 330,000km on it before I parked it to live in Europe a year. I replaced the injectors for the first time in the life of the vehicle around 310,000km after about 75,000km of running used, cleaned vegetable oil in mixtures from 50-100%. The injectors were reasonably dirty. I do not notice an appreciable increase in fuel consumption. I did notice an improvement in exhaust smell, and a quieter running engine.

I have a friend, who may chime in on this at some point, who has been running 100% SVO in his turbo'd 3b for years and has reported to me perfectly pristine cylinders on tear down of his engine.
The pumps and injectors we've seen have been pretty gummed up, in some cases quite bad failures but have also heard stories of people running mixtures no problem. The local bus company which were running anywhere from 5-20% Bio-fuel mixtures were having there Cummins ISB common rail injectors fail early 200-250K, again gummed up. They did say that their older buses ran cleaner on it. Cant say I'm convinced it wont do damage to your fuel system.

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