V8 Swap Air Filter Housing?

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Jul 20, 2006
There may be some discussion on this buried in the forum...but I'm going to ask others to chime in here again....

I've got a 1986 Fj60, 5.7 Vortec V8, right now I have the air filter housing out of a GM pickup/suv that matches the engine, which works, but I'm not a huge fan of. At one time I rounded up some (from memory) FJ62 air filter housings, which use the large circular air filter and are fairly water resistant. From memory I have two of those (not sure I have all the parts) but I'll post pics in a follow on. These are suppose to be a bolt on as for as mounting to the passenger side fender well.

I don't care If I need to chop off the end of the metal air tube that feeds the engine from the air filter housing.

in summary , I want to use a FJ62 type air filter housing (and air filter) , and plumb that clean to my 5.7 vortec engine.

Who has pics / notes, known solutions ?

I'm screwing around with other things and now is the time to deal with the air filter. I'll post up some pics of the air filter housings I've acquired and those may be obvious to others what model trucks they are from.

looking for what works...(tubing, silicon tube or adapters, metal pipe...etc, what it takes to have a clean setup). I'll also post a pic of the engine .

Again my engine is a 5.7 vortec not a 5.3 or 6.0. There may be some similarity....anyway

I think some people have even modified the lid of a FJ62 air filter housing, or maybe other model trucks the air filter housinigl lid might work on teh FJ62 anyway...I'm screwing around with some wiring projects and he air filer project needs to get done so I can get other stuff done and not take anything apart twice or whatever....want to be done.


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I have one of these on the fender for my 3Bt in my 60, I think you could make similar piping for your 60.

On the 1996 vortec in my 40, I had troubles with my aftermarket air-hat staying on. So I would recommend using the factory hat (that has a hold-down bolt) and putting the air-filter in the right place from there. I would also do the beer-can mod, for extra room under the hood.
We make a LS/LT airbox with a 4" inlet. We designed these around the GM intake specifications. In most cases they have a 3 1/2 or 4" intake. Anything less than that will work but you will be restricting the intake. We are currently waiting on our fabricator to get another batch made up.

Here ya go

Here ya go


This is the BOMB in appearance, function and perfect solution for a NON-EROD - California LS3 swap. A little down draft of the initial air reception but better than anything else offered.

Once airflow has to change direction from the initial air reception is restrictive on performance. GM, FORD , MOPAR have all proven it. So, the straighter the flow is into the intake the better the performance.
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5.7 vortec looks a little different...pics
my two air filter housing doners....


the top of my engine looks like a 1998 or so , gm pickup or SUV (pics above).

thanks for the postings...I'll check things out.

I have kind of a "rats nest" of crap running around and I may get that looking better at some point...pending my motivation.

The suck is the MAF and related piping etc from it to the throttle body....

may be just an approach to "pipe" from he FJ62 air filter housing to the MAP and see what can be done about that other sensor in the OEM tube.

The newer 5.3 and 6.0 look a lot cleaner etc ...but I have what I have, for now.
Would something like this work?

View attachment 3281678
the 5.7 vortec has a MAF downstream from the throttle body, and from my memory one or more sensors in the "air way tube" on the other side of the MAF, between the MAF and the air filter. I';m not sure if you could make something like this work on a 5.7 vortec. But I want to go to something with a better air filter housing. Recall the throttle body on a 5.7 vortec and "air-way" is different. If you look....the throttle body on the vortec faces upward similar to a carb.

It looks like this type of setup would suck up a lot of hot air coming off the radiator...

I don't know if the 5.7 vortec is sensitive to the MAF placement as for a rich/lean or operational function of the MAF, might be able to adapt some "cold-air" kit parts from back in the day (if they still make them) for a 5.7 vortec / pickup.

But I'm trying to envision a path to the FJ62 type air cleaner as I've shown and which the pic # 4 shows on that engine setup
Another version done by Forge Specialties for reference:

Post in thread 'Forge Specialties, An FJ62 gets a 5.3 LS V8'
Forge Specialties, An FJ62 gets a 5.3 LS V8 - https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/forge-specialties-an-fj62-gets-a-5-3-ls-v8.914004/post-10244116

View attachment 3281652
yea...that a 5.3, but it does appear its a FJ62 air filter housing and I'm guessing that works good.

I'm wondering if I can use the FJ62 air filter housing , like I have pics of, and then adapt an air way from the MAF to the air filter....

The OEM air way which you can see from my pics (shows a OEM setup from a 97 roughly pickup) , so all the OEM factory stuff is there , just like it came from a pickup. The air way pluminb has some unique kind of mating points etc.

So just talking....see the air way from the 5.7 vortec, its similar (the throttle body orientation), is similar to a carb as its point up, then the plastic air piping...moves to the passenger side of the engine...over to the MAF, and then from the MAF it does a hard left, into the air filter housing.

I'm wondering if some type of "hot rod" air lid housing would work on the throttle body etc then adapt that over to FJ62 air filter, then of course the MAF has to be in the equation.

I'll post another pic with the air tubing off the engine.

Someone may have already solved this.....but there are not a whole lot of people currenlty running 5.7 vortecs...becuase as one might expect...people in current times are running 5.3 or 6.0' engines.
good ideas....good pics and talking points.... all ideas and pics are good thing.... the 5.7 vortec is a different engine series than 5.3 and 6.0 etc.

5.7 vortec is basically a old school 5.7 (GM 350) with fuel injection. The word "vortec" is not a unique expression to the 5.7 or 5.3 or 6.0 etc...so that might catch some people off guard. GM used the word "Vortec" on some of the other engines back in the day too.

I could say to "he$$" with the GM setup on fuel and go SNIPER or something....which would get me to a air way similar to carb, but not doing that to chase an air filter setup, or unless something major happens. I'm no fan of the GM spyder setup on the OEM fuel injection on the 5.7 vortec, its what I have though and its all OEM/ factory except for EGR and emissions stuff. Engine is stock otherwise and has a tune to deal with the minor things missing.

pics and approach help bring ideas that work.... thanks for posting up ideas and what you or others have done.
Saw this 5.7 while flipping through BAT for some reference pics.



now we are talking, looks like someone made a custom lid for the the air filter housing, got to be a map sensor floating around in there somewhere... also seems to be some type of custom hold down setup as well there in the center of the tube coming off the lid.

That does look pretty clean. I was just thinking off the top of my head....I'll need some type of 90 degree setup coming off the OEM throttle body and pointed towards the FJ62 air cleaner, or otherwise adapt the GM OEM intake piping to feed the FJ62 air filer housing in some manner.
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this shows OEM intake pipe fully removed (ALL GM) and the OEM GM air filter, that end of he intake pipe plugs into the end of air filter. I just took it off to show the parts by themself.


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