Upholstery shop in Houston

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Jul 30, 2003
Texas, Pinas and Germany
I was shopping around for an upholstery shop in Houston area yesterday and found one located in the southwest (Harwin) area. This place was previuosly used by a Cruiser head. He had a chart for an oak leather for a '97 and quoted me 800 bucks for a good quality leather for two front seats including the head rests but I have to provide the seat cushions. They also do body work and complete auto restoration and told me they did a complete resto for a 60 owner for 35k :eek:.
Master ? they are good but....

For a reasonable price check out Coleman on Shepard.... only talk with the owner....

PM me if you want more info man.....

Happy New Years !
Yes, closer to me. :D Thanks, I will give Coleman a call. Happy New Year to you too man!
I have heard of Coleman but went to a place called AJ&L in Pasadena. They are doing a headliner, A, B, C pillars and the door cards for my VW MKIV. Price is more than reasonable. Quoted me $200 per front seat to rebuild and cover for my fj80, debating that or purchasing some SCAT/Procar lumbar elite seats.
:hmm: Just curious if they have done any 80 seats before? Will give them a call too. Thanks Sc0- and Happy New Year!
Coleman did my doors and trim on the 92 and the rear seats on my 97'...... Master is higher quality work but other then the front seats not sure it'd be noticed....

there also is a shop at 45/ crosstimbers that got good reviews for custom work but they do a lot of higher end stuff.....


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