Twice in one week...STUCK.

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Dec 12, 2013
Elgin, AZ...sort of.
First one was the worst, I made it up this "road" just fine...slid into the rut about 40 yards short of flat level ground on the way back down. Munched some bodywork, and got a couple buttlerflies on my temple when the Hi-lift handle kicked back (sweaty hands) :( Jerk strap just about 5 feet, then got traction and drove it out the rest of the way after much jacking and rock stacking and shovelling. Then cracked a rib bouncing out!

2 days later, hi-center. That one wasn't so bad, just me and the jack and shovel to get out.

All Hail the HI-Lift!

Thank you very much. I'll be doing shows all week. Tip your waitresses.


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Sketchy...good to see outcome was okay.
Yeah, the grass on the driver's side is deceptive, it hides an equally steep drop off the road cut. Well, it was a road 30 years ago, I suppose.

Believe it or not I was really being careful, it was just very, very narrow. I would have been fine if I had a spotter, though. The way I tipped was just fine compared to the alternative.

...and, for the record, I got out of the hi center backwards, and did make it over on the second attempt. :D
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Don't leave home without it

Calcium....yeah. LOL. Actually it's the cartilage on my sternum and in back. Either way, it sucks. The Hi-lift injury was 100% preventable, that's for sure. Learn from my mistake! :)

Yeah, lockers would have simplified this whole adventure. It might be time.

I have a Hi-lift bumper/body adapter, but not the one pictured. I may need to get one of those, too.

Happy wheeling!

I wasn't alone, but yes, I need some upgrades. I don't do anything over a dirt road alone. That's not too smart.
I just like seeing that you take it off-road
Well done.
I like looking at pics of "stucks", and hearing the stories. So I posted mine.

I had fun.

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