Tuffy underseat drawer and Bestop Trailmax II seat install

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Nov 30, 2012
Santa Cruz, CA
I purchased the Tuffy full length underseat drawer, model 130-01 along with the mounting kit for the seat, model 078-01 from Morris 4X4. Everything came fine and was great. This is made for a Jeep TJ or similar Wrangler.

I also purchased a Bestop Trailmax II fold and tumble rear bench seat, model 39435-15, from Morris 4X4 as well. This is also made for a Jeep TJ or similar Wrangler.

I figured since they were made for each other and it seemed as though the dimensions would fit were the old seat was located I would give it a shot. I called both manufactures and Morris 4X4 to see if they would work together in my 74'. Both manufactures told me that they had no idea and the knowledgeable Morris 4x4 idiot told me there was no way they would work in my vehicle. This post is for him!

Here is a photo of the rear area of my vehicle after I removed the old rear seat.
Here is a photo of the drawer installed.
Here is a photo from the top showing the seat installed and the amount, or lack thereof of legroom for the back. I can sit back there and I am of average height.

Here is a photo of the rear with the seat installed. There is enough room between the back of the rear seat and the rear of the vehicle that I can store grocery bags, etc. behind the rear seats.

This photo shows the rear height of the rear seats. I am looking to install a family roll cage and need a harness bar for both the front and rear seats.

I will be installing a family roll cage soon. I will be posting pics of that as well.

Great looking set-up, by chance do you have a picture with the seat folded forward? I wouls guess you would need to remove the headrests prior to folding it forward.
Again, good job on install

Dumb question - this set-up is very securely attached: box to floor, seat to box. The box must be very rugged to support the seat and secure it.
Looks like a sweet set-up.
It is really secure. I used all grade 8 hardware with large washers. I wil beh vin a support bracket made because there is some flex on the sheet metal for the tuffy box. But once that is done it will be as good as just bolting it to the floor.

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