Triangle Monthly Social Distancing Meeting - Sept 2 @ 7:00pm @ Backyard Bistro in Raleigh

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I'll be there
I’m in.
So I’m thinking here... You guys are a bit far for me to do a 7pm meeting, but I’d like to get the Element fire extinguishers for your area up to your area.

It’s much easier for me to hit the GSO meeting the night before and hope for a handoff to someone from RDU willing to also go to the GSO meet, unless someone from GSO plans to go to both meets. Granted, someone up there would need to take over the distribution to the buyers. No money involved, just distribution.

Thoughts? Ideas?
I should be there.
Pretty sure we’ll be there.
Thanks to everyone who came out!! Special thanks to Joe for bringing the extinguishers for all of us :)
Good turnout and great to see everybody.


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