Triangle Monthly Meeting - February 2015

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Rum Runnin'
Apr 18, 2005
Durham, NC
It's that time of the month again!

I propose 7:00pm on Feb 4th, 2015 @ Rally Point in Cary, NC. We've had a great turnout there in the past, so let's keep it going!

Who can make it out?
I should be able to make it...
I'm in!
Brian - are you bringing your girls? If so, I'll have Hannah in tow.
Hmmm, maybe if I bundle up....
It's audit week at work, so all bets are off for me. If I can get out of the office at a decent hour, I'll try to make it.
I'll be there too. I'll see everyone there.
Count me in w/kids
I look forward to summer when I can make it to one of these.
DeeRex, I'll see what the wife wants to do and let you know!
Turns out I may not bring the girl. She has not been behaving herself at school and having a few issues. It will be a game-time decision whether I bring her.
Understandable... I think we were the same way with Lily last month!
I wil be there, but without my female entourage!
I'll be getting there a little late. Laurel, my wife, is getting back home late from work tonight and she'll be watching our little one while I'm gone.

Save me a seat.
I will be there with my girls in tow. Both my 7 and 14 year old.
See yall there.
It is cool if I crash your meeting? I'm in Raleigh for work and always like to check out other people's rigs. Unfortunately I don't have my 80, only my VW JETTA rental.

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