Transmission swapping questions in a 86 4x4

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Nov 4, 2008
Tucson, AZ
Hi there, so about a month and a half ago the 5 speed transmission behind my 86 22r finally left me with only two drivable gears, 2 and 4. I have just found another 5 speed transmission out of another 86 p/u but it was behind a 22re. My question is will the transmission that was behind the 22re work with my 22r and any mods ill have to do in order to make it work. Both trucks are 4x4. Thank you for any advice you can offer.
Bolt it up. Two things though. I seem to recall you need the bellhousing off the W56 (efi), and the shifter might come up in a different place. Transfer case will bolt up.
Bell housing shouldn't be a problem, length is the same, but yes you might find that the shifters will be a little further back. Try to get the boot that screws to the floor, and the shifters.
I just did a little homework. Your tranny has a forward shifting transfer case. The early W56 is top shift. I hate to say you will either need to convert your transfer to top shift, or just get the transfer case with the transmission (probably easier).

Here is a good table:

Then for chuckles and grins you can use your transfer case to go double.
Can I simply swap the forward shifting top and rods from the old tcase into the top shift tcase ? And if not can I bolt the old tcase to the new trans? Thanks for all the help guys!
Old case to new tranny? It will bolt up just fine, but no. Your existing transfer case will be expecting shift linkage from the top of the transmission. Regardless of what you do, if you install a 1986 W56 you will need a top shift transfer case to go with it.

Now it is possible to covert your forward shift TC to top shift. Marlin sells the bits necessary, but it will require disassembly of the tranfer case. Probably not a bad idea if your case has never been opened. Replacing gaskets, seals, and maybe a few bearings would probably be a good idea.
If the w56 top shift is good, at a good price, id cut the floor and use it. If you havnt bought it yet, then id suggest finding a forward shift tranny and transfercase combo. Cheaper to just buy both already set up and ready to go. Plus, you can go double transfer cases if you wanted or keep it as a spare. One other thing, drive shaft bolt pattern could be slightly different.
Thanks for all the feedback! The tranny/tc that I'd found ended up being the proper one so should bolt up and fit without any cutting. Just got the clutch in yesterday, waiting on the new flywheel now. Will do the swap next weekend. Thank you all again

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