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Jul 1, 2008
I'm experiencing some gear slippage in an automatic 1988 FJ62 with 230K.
I have done a rebuild on the engine recently, but think its time now or very soon to have the tranny done.

Do I?

3)Is there another tranny to consider?

What kind of cost should I expect with whatever suggestions that you guys come up with?

I don't want a high performance tranny for off-roading but something more along the stock lines.

This is the classic fj62 question. Before you do anything really expensive, do a search on "Rodney Flush" to thoroughly replace the transmission fluid and clean the filter. This has fixed (at least for the short term) many transmissions with the symptoms you describe. Beyond that, you have four basic options. If you do a search, you will find lots of threads on these topics. Your options are:
1. Find a used one that hasn't yet died.
2. Rebuild the A440F transmission you already have. Not too many success stories with this option.
3. Buy a rebuilt one from Wholesale Automatic Transmissions in Australia. This is still an A440F transmission, but with some re-engineered/improved parts. This is a very good option.
4. Convert to a 5 speed manual. This is also a very good option, but requires purchasing the transmission and all the parts to convert to a stick shift. This one is the most work, and the greatest expense, but folks seem to love the results.

So, check the FAQ section and do some searches. You'll figure out the best way to go for you.

Oh, and you are looking at $2,000 and up for any option other than option 1. I have listed the options in order of $$$$ from cheapest to most expensive.
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I just replaced my tranny with a used with 160k on the clock. Cost to me was $300 plus a ton of man hours. This is by far the cheapest way to handle the situation. But...if money is no object, wholesale automatics is the way to go. Rodney has a great tranny, extreme valve body, and billet torque convertor. All said and done you're looking at close to $5,000 shipped from australia. Also swap for H55F manual...good luck.
I emailed Rodney at Wholesale Transmissions in Australia with a similar problem. My auto was slipping when cold. I added a quart of trans oil and it cured the problem even though the trans dipstick showed full.

Thanks Rodney

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