Transfer case ID help needed

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Jan 8, 2016
Hey all! I'm a local to the 100 series forum but venture here hoping to find some info from anyone more familiar with the 3rd gen 4runner platform.

So my friend had a major incident with her 98 sr5 v6 5speed 4wd rear locker truck. I believe her double cardan broke while she was on the interstate and ripped everything apart.

We found a JDM transmission and transfer case on eBay and ordered it.

I got them in today and the transmission seems perfect but I can't seem to wrap my head around the transfer case. It seems to only have 3 positions (4H-N-4L) which leads me to believe it's an AWD one that should have a selectable center diff. the issue is there's no center diff lock actuator on the transfercase so I'm left without any clues. It looks identical to the J shift type she previously had, but doesn't seem to have 2H.

Did Japan offer an AWD only 4runner without proper 4wd? Any help is hugely appreciated!

The carnage


After pulling it apart


The transmission and transfer case she bought


I've read of 4wd 4runners having had a multimatic transmission that gave the option of AWD, starting with the 1999 model year. Can't say more than that.

I believe the Transmission/Transfer case on her 4runner are the same as a first gen Tacoma IIRC.

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