transfer case case ?

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Jan 9, 2013
Maple ridge bc
ok made my case a split case on the weekend and not the good kind
76 fj40 4spd
can I use a 3 speed case and swap all
my 4 speed case gears in it ?
I have a three speed case on a blown trans
in the shop and a couple 4 speed ones still in trucks that are out side
it's cold and wet out there and I'm old lol
Not sure if you can swap all your 4-speed transfer gear set to the 3-speed case but have you considered mounting the 3-speed transfer case to your 4-speed transmission. You would need a '74 gear and some bearing to make the swap. Even though the 3-speed transfer is noisier you can definitely notice the gear reduction in 4-low.
trying to do this on the cheap with parts I have
trying to not spend money on this one the money pig is in the shop lol
I believe the short answer is 'no', though some parts will interchange, such as the hi-lo clutch, nose cone, rear bearing retainer and main output shaft (if matched to early FD output shaft). I want to say the main difference is in the internal distance between the idler gear thrust washer surfaces on the case.
Pretty sure they don't fit , the case is a bit narrower. You can shim the 3spd gears into the 4spd case if Ya wanted to though.
thanks for the replies wasn't raining so pulled a 4 speed one out today

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