Trailgear low back seat covers from Cabelas

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Feb 19, 2012
Casper, WY
Here is some info about the trailgear seat covers from Cabelas (about $60 for two shipped) for those mud members considering them as an addition to their fj40.

I love the look of the factory black seats, but the summer sun quickly makes them uncomfortable for me and my family. I have been wanting to try something for a while without spending $300 on wet okoles. I had been looking at the regular (high back) trail gear seat covers from cabelas and a good friend installed them in his 80 and really liked them but they just recently offered them in low back.

I pulled the trigger and bought the gray and black ones for my front bucket seats. I ironed them, sprayed them with some waterproof spray, and installed them.

Installation isn't super easy on the passenger side due to the gas tank being so close. I unbolted the seat frame and carefully passed the straps underneath. The seat cover sides aren't super tight looking but hopefully I can cinch them up better after they break in a little and I have some more time. The backs look ugly compared to my black factory looking vinyl I had before, but for a universal cover I think they fit the bill.

Would I buy them again? I think so. They do a great job of making the 40 more comfortable in the Wyoming summer sun.

Anybody else have these seat covers and want to chime in?





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