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  1. stock

    Caprivi Heritage seat covers

    Caprivi | Luxury Safari Gear Caprivi Luxury Safari Gear Anyone ever seen or used them? I just messaged them to see if they offer any for 80s. Darn good looking seat covers.
  2. G

    Need Opinion on Seat Solutions with OEM Seats

    My rig is bone stock. I am the second owner and plan to keep it stock except for an eventual OME 2" lift. My OEM upholstery is in great shape. No rips, except one small tear in the vinyl in the rear bench seat. So, I am a bit torn on what to do. I definitely need to re-stuff the front seats...
  3. daner

    Interior/ seat cover colors for 1965

    Hello all-I'm looking for the correct seat cover color for a white 1965 FJ40 . According to the Cool Cruisers webpage, this should be a Lily White: Cruiser Color Codes I had thought the mid 1960s white Cruisers usually came with the red/corral interior, but looking closer at the few remaining...
  4. jdayment

    Another Seat Cover Thread

    We are looking at getting some seat covers for the LX and the wife is interested in the Leatherette ones from Seat Covers Unlimited | Your shopping cart has anyone installed this brand? She is curious to know what the center console cover looks like.
  5. Birdhead

    New seat cover process any tips??

    I'm using @Cruiser Corps seat covers and picked up the rest at Oklahoma upholstery. Let me know any tips or tricks for the passenger seat. I'm working on my 1972 FJ.
  6. corleykj

    Trailgear low back seat covers from Cabelas

    Here is some info about the trailgear seat covers from Cabelas (about $60 for two shipped) for those mud members considering them as an addition to their fj40. I love the look of the factory black seats, but the summer sun quickly makes them uncomfortable for me and my family. I have been...
  7. mulchiro

    Wanted  91-92 fj80 grey cloth seat covers

    Looking for grey cloth seat covers from a 91 or a 92.
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